Electric Bikes For Sell
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Electric Bikes For Sell
Electric Bikes Next Generation Now Available
This is a new ongoing item therefore we will not run out.

Perfect for tourists rentals at hotels and tourist spots and outdoor
De ion: Next generation electric Bikes Ninja 30-35KM/H – Throttle
Distances 40-45KM without peddling up to 90 KM with peddling. Shimano Gearing /
21 gears Tires – 26 by 4 inch Power: electric 350 Watts
MOTOR: HENGTAI 36V*350 W Brushless Hub Motor - Special Design for Beach Cruiser Mountain Bike WARRANTY: 2 YEAR WARRANTY ON BATTERY/ 1 YEAR ON MOTOR and FRAME
COLOR: All colors available SIZE:17 X 26 inch (Suitable up to 2.0M Rider)
Interested buyer shoul or Email:: [email protected]
السعر: 1000

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